Saturday, September 18, 2010

event sweets

are you having a party? get together? shower or wedding? i have sweets for all occasions! cookie trays are great for any party...then accent the cookies with some theme chocolates! i have over 300 candy molds...and there are plenty more available! check out some things i've done for parties here!!!

these gorgeous tulips and zinnias are all chocolate! they were favors for a garden wedding!

these chocolate flower displays and cookies were for a wedding shower. just think how impressed all the guests will be.

my friend kathy's son had a bowling party for his birthday. these bowling pins are all chocolate! the kids loved them!!!

more pics coming soon. make sure you order your halloween candy early!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

button men for all seasons!

how cute are these button men? they are great for christmas decorations on your tree, but how 'bout using them as a shade pull? fan pull? tie them to gifts...or just put one on a door knob for a little decoration. they really add some personality to anywhere you put them. $10.00 each or 3 for $ shipping. please give them a good home!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

craft/candy/sweets season approaches

labor day approaches. to all americans...this means a day to celebrate the achievements of workers. to the sun worshippers it means the unofficial end of summer.

to me, it's the beginning of craft season. once labor day hits, it seems like the rest of the year is just a blur. school begins, halloween, thanksgiving and christmas. and this year, i have the added bonus of my 30 year high school reunion :-) i'm not only attending, i'm planning it. LOVE IT! so, all of these occasions call for crafts, candy and sweets.

the first big holiday for candy and sweets will be HALLOWEEN. i always loved halloween as a kid, and i still do. the colors of halloween are so much fun! here is a quick preview of some of my halloween candy and sweet treats! aren't the finger cookies fun??? and how bout those peanut butter butterscotch rice krispie treat eyeballs???? the kids LOVE them!!!

more detailed pics will be coming soon...but i wanted you all to see some of my halloween offerings get your eyeballs and taste buds thinking :-)

let me know what you think...and more pics will be coming soon.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

just a test... see if i know what i'm doing here :-)

the craft diva takes the plunge into blogging!

i've decided to start a blog about my crafts, candy, cookies and sweets. i hope you will all enjoy it. i've been inspired by my fabulous niece melissa at icing designs. over the years, i've inspired she inspires me :-)

my mom was and is a creative home maker. my dad was an artist. i think i got the best of both worlds.

please be patient as i try to work thru this wonderful world of blogging. and look for me on facebook as the craft diva.